Best Wedding Ideas

Best Wedding Ideas

Many people enlist the help of a wedding planner to assist them with their wedding ideas and advise them on all aspects of their wedding day. One of the main questions a bride and groom ask is ‘how can we make our marriage different’ the best way to make your wedding stand out and be different is to personalise it.

Do not waste time trying to do other weddings or special events out. Instead spend your time looking into ways to personalise your wedding ideas and use it as a time to be creative, imaginative and fun.

In some cases, it is traditional for a bride to wear their mother’s wedding gowns. However, over time the dress may have deteriorated or may not be the style you want. Instead of leaving the dress sitting in a box why not use it to make a ring pillow or incorporate it into your wedding reception ideas by using the material to make wedding favours or use the dress as part of the table decoration.

The wedding table is the focal point of any wedding reception and can be extremely easy to personalise. You can add personalised napkins, name plates, wedding flavor and decorations. To save money, all these details can potentially made by you with the help of your friends and family.

One of the first wedding ideas to think about it are the wedding invitations. It is becoming increasingly popular to personality wedding invitations by having them made with a photo of the couple in question.

Wedding invitations are something that a lot of people will keep as a piece of memorabilia to remind them of   the day so adding a photo is a great way to make your wedding invitations stand out and look different together with giving the invitation that extra personal touch that will no doubt be appreciated by your guests.

Traditionally the wedding cake should be a three tiered cake with white icing. Nowadays more and more people want their wedding cake to be personal and unique. You may decide to have the cake topper created as a replica of the bride and groom or pull all the stops out and have a unique wedding cake made to represent what the couple enjoy. Many wedding cake designers will be able to incorporate even the most unusual ideas.

Being one of the most significant days in your life, you need to get a photo booth hire during your wedding. It is, therefore, hiring a photo booth for your wedding adds extra sparks to the game and brings a smile on the guests face. It is the best way to keep everyone enjoy in the event because aside from the costumes and crazy props provided for the guests, you will be provided with the album as well. Your guests can put in the album their pictures with their messages for you.

Your guests can enter to the booth together with their partners, or they get a group picture which is also possible. With the help of photo booth, you can share these memories to those who were not able to attend the party, and the photos can be uploaded to social media sites such as twitter, face book, Instagram, not to mention many more. Therefore, everyone can see how much fun the guests had at your wedding.


There is also nothing to stop you breaking away from the traditional tiered wedding cake and going for something more unusual like a chocolate fountain or fairy cakes.

Making your wedding memorable with your unique wedding ideas, likes and interests will make your special day unique, fun and a day that not only all your guests will remember but you will be remembered for the rest of your life.

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