How to reduce acne with lemon water.

Acne is a common problem among the youth who are just getting into adulthood. If you are a youth and have not been attacked by these unsightly blemishes, then it is just a matter of time before it does. Rather than hop from one dermatologist to the other, there is a simple solution for this problem and it is by taking lemon water and this supplement. It can be applied directly to the skin, or can be drunk.

How lemon water works:
There are cases where the main trigger of acne on the skin is just that the skin is not acidic enough. When you then apply lemon juice to the skin, it will heal the problem almost instantly. Bacteria that cause acne and other skin complications thrive in alkaline conditions. With a pH of roughly 4, lemon reduces the skins pH, something that discourages the growth of these bacteria.
When acne bacteria occur in small numbers, their action on the skin is actually beneficial since they consume excess sebum. When the pH is lowered, the pores become less hospitable to these pathogens. It means they cannot release the chemical that normally triggers immune reaction, which is the main reason for redness or inflammation of the skin.

Benefits of using lemon water for skin and acne treatment
Lemon treats instantly, especially in a case where the main problem has to do with oily clogged skin pores</li>  <li> Lemon water fights inflammation. The juice from lemon is capable of killing acne bacteria altogether. When drunk, lemon water is also important to other body functions, not just the skin. These include: Cleansing your body, Aiding in digestion, Boosting immune system, Aids weight loss,  Freshens breath, Enhances your mood and also energises you and promotes healing.. However, care should be taken not to apply an undiluted lemon juice on your skin as it really stings. This is especially for people with brown skins.

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