Top 5 Bridesmaid Gifts

Top 5 Bridesmaid GiftsTop 5 Bridesmaid Gifts

He has proposed, and you have accepted. The big day is just around the corner, and there are many things to do. Your girlfriends have been your source of strength and support. So, when it’s time to pick bridesmaid gifts, it’s only natural that you want to give them gifts that they’ll fancy. But, getting such a gift is as much an act of patience as it’s of love.
There are so many choices available nowadays ranging from tea sets, fluffy slippers and handbags to jewellery, business card holders, perfume… basically anything a lady could want to make her world an elegant place to dwell in. Here are some ideas for bridesmaid gifts that you might want to check out:

⦁ Handbags
Handbags are one of the most popular gifts to give to ladies, perhaps making an ideal gift for wedding attendants like bridesmaids. Handbags can complete the look of your bridesmaids. If well chosen, such items can make them stand out and shine on your big day.
You can choose bridesmaids handbags such as weekender bags, cosmetic bags, evening bags, and tote bags. Bridesmaids’ handbags can also be custom-made with initials and names. So, if you wish to give wonderful presents to your lovely bridesmaids, consider custom-made handbags that are sure to delight their taste.

⦁ Jewellery
When it comes to bridesmaids’ gifts, among the most popular are jewellery pieces ranging from anklets, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Many brides prefer giving it since the bridesmaid can wear it on the actual day of the wedding. When choosing jewellery for your bridesmaids, make sure your choice matches the dresses they’ll be wearing.

⦁ Personalised Bridesmaids Gift Boxes
Personalised bridesmaids gifts boxes will never go wrong. Among the choices that you can personalise are bridesmaids’ perfume bottles, towels, flasks, wallets, robes, tank tops, key rings, picture frames, cosmetic cases, jewellery gifts, etc. You can even have these items inscribed with initials or names of your bridesmaids. For a thoughtful add-on, include a cute note with a will you be my bridesmaid gift message in a bottle or a short friendship poem.

⦁ Gift Basket or Spa Treatment Gift Certificate  –
Let’s face it; ladies love the prettifying and pampering treatments every now and then. In this day and age, many establishments offer spa treatments at reduced costs as a result of the growing demand of customers. Your girlfriends will without a doubt love the little attention. You can give them each a gift basket of spa treatment products they can enjoy at home or a spa gift certificate to their favourite spa.

⦁ Perfume
Ladies don’t run out of perfume. As a matter of fact, they have a collection of different fragrances. Your bridesmaids are no different. Find out their favourite scent and get all of them a bottle of perfume. This might be a common gift, but keep in mind that, a bottle of perfume is always appreciated as a gift.

Inviting somebody to your wedding is a big ask. They’ll walk beside you through weeks of preparation. They’ll participate in a bachelorette party and showers. And they’ll invest a considerable amount of money and time into the wedding week itself.

Which is why a will you be my bridesmaid gift is the perfect way to thank your friends for being a part of your wedding. If you pick gifts that are from the heart and beautiful, your bridesmaids are sure to love them.

The 2 biggest decisions about your big wedding

The 2 biggest decisions about your big wedding

Maybe the biggest decisions about your wedding day are where and what dress.

What Wedding Dress?

Designer wedding dresses might be the way to go as such checking out the pages here on [link to your designer dresses page]

You need and probably know what style of dress you want. One of the fun parts of getting married is the browsing for wedding dresses be it a fairy-tale wedding dress


Or a dress style that you prefer.

Where to get married?

Your choices are usually in 2 camps. Stay close and homely in your local church or an away wedding. I did attend a lovely wedding once in Kent at a manor someplace, which I remember for the lake and spectacular sunshine. If you are considering an away wedding then why stop at Kent? Go for that tropical wedding on the beach?
I often wonder what draws me to the Caribbean and it must be the same things that I am enjoying considering for a wedding. The beach shots that will look amazing on the canvas picture, orchids and amazingly beautiful skies. Having a big dress in the heat would put me off a bit, but the draw is too much.

Getting married with your feet in the sand!

The locations people pick to get married in the Caribbean are Barbados, Bahamas (often for the Americans) Antigua and Jamaica. The USVI’s are also a great choice for Americans since there are many flights to get the family out there and the convenience of having no currency worries and cell coverage is a bonus especially around a wedding.
Antigua is often rated highly since it has developed a speciality for weddings with some of the better beaches in the Caribbean there is so much choice of resort and the services. You can’t do better than the Antigua wedding. Resorts such as blue waters and Sandals operate here but you might like to look at a more boutique resort for a more private affair.

Cocos Boutique Resort Antigua – image source –

Of course the cost of a wedding is an important factor but it might surprise you that having a wedding in Antigua can come in cheaper than some weddings back home. As soon as you mention the word wedding prices seem to triple! If money is no object then look no further than Jumby Bay whose resort sits on a most picturesque island it and Carlisle bay are the most exclusive places and most expensive resorts in Antigua. Sandals has excellent wedding packages available.

If you are looking at the Bahamas then search on Nassau and Paradise Island for the best resorts and spots for the big day.
Nevis not yet mentioned is a lesser known spot to get married in. The four seasons resort has some stunning backdrops and an amazing calm beautiful beach.

How to reduce acne with lemon water.

Acne is a common problem among the youth who are just getting into adulthood. If you are a youth and have not been attacked by these unsightly blemishes, then it is just a matter of time before it does. Rather than hop from one dermatologist to the other, there is a simple solution for this problem and it is by taking lemon water and this supplement. It can be applied directly to the skin, or can be drunk.

How lemon water works:
There are cases where the main trigger of acne on the skin is just that the skin is not acidic enough. When you then apply lemon juice to the skin, it will heal the problem almost instantly. Bacteria that cause acne and other skin complications thrive in alkaline conditions. With a pH of roughly 4, lemon reduces the skins pH, something that discourages the growth of these bacteria.
When acne bacteria occur in small numbers, their action on the skin is actually beneficial since they consume excess sebum. When the pH is lowered, the pores become less hospitable to these pathogens. It means they cannot release the chemical that normally triggers immune reaction, which is the main reason for redness or inflammation of the skin.

Benefits of using lemon water for skin and acne treatment
Lemon treats instantly, especially in a case where the main problem has to do with oily clogged skin pores</li>  <li> Lemon water fights inflammation. The juice from lemon is capable of killing acne bacteria altogether. When drunk, lemon water is also important to other body functions, not just the skin. These include: Cleansing your body, Aiding in digestion, Boosting immune system, Aids weight loss,  Freshens breath, Enhances your mood and also energises you and promotes healing.. However, care should be taken not to apply an undiluted lemon juice on your skin as it really stings. This is especially for people with brown skins.